Integrated Social Marketing

Social Real Estate Marketing

 Sell more listings with Social Marketing.  How?

 Property Specific Websites.

 Facebook Marketing Solution.

 Personal Profile Website.

 Integrated Social Property Marketing Solution.



360 Power Listings are Websites that are 100% dedicated to one listing. Create showcase websites that impress both sellers and buyers.

360 Power Listings make it easy for you to create a powerful listing presentation and are an integrated part of our social real estate marketing solution

Facebook now has more than 600 million people creating profiles and making connections. They spend more time on Facebook than on Google.

The audience has moved and it's vital that you have a Facebook page complete with your listings. With 360 Power Listing it all updates automatically.

A personal profile Website is essential to organize all your social profiles, contacts and content into one easy to use, easy to find address.

It does this via a single, easy to remember Website address. It is the evolution of the business card; essential for individuals and businesses alike.